Leadership & Operations


Barry Epstein


Barry Epstein founded Current Technology, Inc. developed and constructed the first Power Siftor®. The company soon expanded to a dominant position in the electrical power quality field and is part of a company traded on the NYSE. Epstein’s career has focused on consulting and patent development for computer, power and communication applications.


Passionate advocates for the arts, Barry and his wife, Paddy, serve at the executive level on a number of boards. Barry chaired the first Patron Experience Committee for the Dallas Summer Musicals.

A distinguished alumnus from Purdue University and winner of the university’s Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Award, Barry is a connector of people, collaborating to bring advancements in every project he champions.


Craig Janssen


Craig Janssen is an expert in design for spaces where thousands come together to share an experience. As an international facility strategist serving architects, venue owners, and developers, Craig leads Idibri—a multidisciplinary team of technology designers, acousticians, and theatre planners.

Craig holds two patents—one in audio engineering and another in facility planning. He is a Past-President of AVIXA (InfoComm) —the international Audio Visual association—and serves on the Urban Land Institute’s Entertainment Council. Passionate about the power of venues to provide transformational experiences, Craig is an advocate for the mission of Hear Us Now.


Ryan Knox


Ryan Knox is an acoustician, audio designer, FOH mixer, and solver of puzzles. He has provided consulting and design for high-profile venues such as The New World Center, Powell Hall, The Meyerson Symphony Center, Music Hall Fair Park, Dodger Stadium, Epic’s Deep Space and Enterprise Center Arena.


Ryan specializes in acoustically complex venues and helps clients achieve better listening environments through applied physics. With a passion for solving difficult problems and improving live event experiences, Ryan provides engineering and expertise to the Hear Us Now team.


Cathy Hutchison


Cathy Hutchison is a content creator and marketer with a talent for helping people tell their stories. An avid student of how technology is both shaping and fueling the ways groups connect, Cathy writes for a number of publications on topics related to how we gather and share experiences.


Cathy serves as the Director of Marketing for Idibri--—a multidisciplinary team of technology designers, acousticians, and theatre planners. She provides PR support for the Hear Us Now team.

Respected Advisors


Dr. Linda Thibodeau


Dr. Linda Thibodeau, Professor at the University of Texas Callier Center for Communication and Brain Disorders is known for her work on assistive technology for persons with hearing loss. Her recent research has focused on the evaluation of technology for  improvement of speech recognition in noisy situations. Linda has received the Frederick S. Berg Award in Educational Audiology and the Cheryl DeConde Johnson Award recognizing outstanding achievement in educational audiology. She also has been a delegate to the National Summit on Disabilities.


One of her passions is developing additional entertainment/social opportunities for the hearing impaired, including a one week ‘Camp Aladdin’ for hearing impaired youth in conjunction with, Dallas Summer Musicals, Disney and Hear Us Now. She has also developed and managers a popular annual week-long program for hearing impaired adults and their spouses/partners.